The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) recognizes that there is a need to inform members of the issues and provide best practices to firms on how to develop and assess flexible plans in the workplace. An advisory committee has been formed to address the work/life flexibility issues facing our members.

Work/Life quality – a 21st century imperative

View our short video explaining the personal accounts of Chartered Accountants outlining their goals and achieving the much sought after work/life balance.

Work Life Quality - A 21st Century Imperative video

Upcoming Events

February 27, 2014
Brain-ability at Work

Speaker: Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC

Everyone wants to bring their best to their work and life. And doesn't it feel great when we're on top of our game - feeling sharp, resourceful and creative. Learn to calm the triggers of the stress brain in the moment; understand the needs of your brain to perform optimally; learn how positivity can actually broaden your brain's ability and make you sharper, more effective and ultimately more successful; and come away with practical strategies that are deceptively simple yet powerful levers to helping you do your best work.

May 15, 2014
Dealing with Difficult People: Tanks, Clams, Know-It-Alls and More

Speaker: Vik Maraj

Difficult people will limit your career and your life, and your existing skills will not allow you to deal with them effectively. In this webinar, learn how to deal with different types of difficult people.

May 28, 2014
Success Through Strengths and Values

Speaker: Crystal Campbell, PCC

Discover why knowing your own strengths and values is key for achieving success in the workplace. Career + leadership coach, Crystal Campbell will introduce you to insights and tools coming from the Positive Psychology field so you can tap into your strengths and values and achieve higher ground in your career.

Work/Life firm presentations

Work/Life Firm Presentations CD CoverThe Work/Life Advisory Committee has developed a robust toolkit to support its members, including a video and three presentations that address being an Employer of Choice, Implementing Work/Life and Achieving Personal Quality along with a variety of resources


  • A New Balance Sheet As employees look beyond a salary for satisfaction, employers are offering new benefits to help them meet their goals. A recent CAmagazine talks with CAs using alternative work arrangements and outlines what a few of the larger firms are offering.
  • Overview The why, how, who of the work/life committee.
  • A Fine Balance An article highlighting work/life balance options chosen by Chartered Accountants across the country and introducing the committee.
  • Relevant surveys and results A number of surveys touch on the issues around work/life balance. A summary of some of these surveys is provided.
  • Profiles Read about the trials and tribulations of Chartered Accountants succeeding in finding their own work/life balance.
  • Work/life Committee membership A list of people working on work/life issues on behalf of Chartered Professional Accountants.
  • Contact us


  • Career Planning Guide Request your complimentary copy of Personal Balance Sheet: A Practical Career Planning Guide
  • Flexible Work Options Guidance
  • Articles
  • Books A selection of books on work/life balance – issues and suggested solutions to the issues.
  • Webinars A list of upcoming scheduled online seminars, plus an archive of recent events.
  • Media Audio and video reports regarding work/life balance
  • Websites A collection of online resources and forums discussing the issues surrounding the work/life paradigm.
  • Studies 
  • CICA and provincial institutes/Ordre: compilation of articles authored by the CICA and provincial bodies discussing the issues surrounding work/life balance.
  • Tools

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