Thought Leadership Round-up – June 2014

A selection of recent tax-related alerts, articles, white papers and thought leadership releases by members of Canada’s tax community. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to the Tax webpages of Canada’s seven largest professional services firms, along with links to their Tax Rates and Research Tools.

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What’s new?

General interest | Corporate taxes | Personal taxes | Indirect taxes
U.S. taxes | International taxes

General interest

2014 tax risk and controversy survey highlights (Ernst & Young, 2014)

CRA Audit Trends (webcast replay, KPMG, May 2014)

CRA releases results from NPO audit project (BDO, April 2014)

Three-point plan to support compliance with tax rules (BDO, April 2014)

Corporate taxes

2014 Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide (Ernst & Yong, 2014)

Expanded Internet business reporting requirements for corporations (BDO, May 2014)

New rules proposed to report electronic funds transfers (BDO, March 2014)

Tax strategy and corporate reputation: Building trust and growth (PwC, 2014)

Total Tax Contribution: Surveying the Canadian Council of Chief Executives

Personal income taxes

21st Anniversary of a Trust (MNP, April 2014)

Automobile Expenses and Recordkeeping (BDO, February 2014)

Car expenses and benefits – A tax guide (PwC, 2014)

Government announces beneficial changes for charitable bequests (BDO, May 2014)

Q&A: Answering your tax questions (interest deductibility) (BDO, May 2014)

When is a loss not a loss? (MNP, April 2014)

Indirect taxes

GST/HST relief for hospital parking (BDO, March 2014)

Joint Ventures in the Real Estate Industry – Understanding the GST/HST and QST implications (BDO, March 2014)

U.S. tax issues

Estate tax update – Owning a US vacation home (PwC, February 2014)

Tax Consequences for U.S. Citizens and other U.S. Persons Living in Canada (BDO, March 2014)

U.S. Estate Tax Issues for Canadians (BDO, April 2014)

U.S. Tax Issues for Canadians (BDO, April 2014)

International taxes

Alert for multinational companies: Payroll and immigration compliance (PwC, April 2014)

Cross-Border Tax Reporting Requirements for U.S. Real Estate Partnerships (MNP, May 2014)

FATCA Implications and Resources (library of resources, KPMG, 2014)

New U.S. Voluntary Disclosure Program for Americans Abroad (MNP, June 2014)

Transfer Pricing – Newsflash: Transfer Pricing Reporting (BDO, April 2014)

Accounting Firms – Tax Pages

BDO Dunwoody LLP

Deloitte LLP

Ernst & Young LLP

Grant Thornton LLP


Meyers Norris Penny LLP

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Tax Rates and Research Tools

Canadian Personal Tax Tables (KPMG)

Canadian Corporate Tax Tables (KPMG)

Canadian Tax Rate Tables (Deloitte)

Tax Calculators & Rates (Ernst & Young)

Tax Facts 2013 (BDO)

TaxMatters@EY (Ernst & Young)

Tax Planning Guide App (Grant Thornton)

KPMG Canada Tax App (KPMG)

KPMG Canada’s Tax Facts 2014-15 (KPMG)

Tax Facts & Figures – Canada 2012 (PwC)

Tax Rates & Figures (BDO Dunwoody)

Tax News Network (PwC)

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