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Gabe Hayos

Gabe Hayos is CPA Canada’s first Vice President, Taxation. In this role, Gabe’s mission to promote professional accountants as leaders in providing tax advice and related services. Gabe’s goal is to ensure Canada’s professional accountants make a difference in the key areas of tax policy, tax administration, tax education and tax governance. Before taking on this role, Gabe was a tax partner with KPMG for 25 years and the leader of KPMG’s tax practice in Toronto for six years.

Vivian Leung

Vivian Leung is Program Director for Tax Education at CPA Canada. Vivian is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic direction of CPA Canada income tax education, creating or re-designing tax courses and programs, and overseeing their delivery. Vivian also works to advance the tax aspects of CPA Canada's Lifelong Learning initiative for our members. Vivian joined CPA Canada from Ernst & Young (E&Y), where she managed the editorial review and ensured the technical accuracy of income tax titles in CPA Canada’s Tax Reference Series and contributed to other CPA Canada and E&Y publications.

Chartered Professional Accountants/ Comptables professionnels agréés

Welcome to CPA Canada!

CPA Canada is the national organization established to support unification of the Canadian accounting profession under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. CPA Canada provides services to all CPA, CA, CMA and CGA accounting bodies that have unified or are committed to unification.

Our integrated CPA Canada website is currently in development and will launch in fall 2014. Until that time, all our existing resources, services and information are available through the CICA, CMA Canada and CGA-Canada legacy websites, or through newly developed microsites designed to provide specific CPA content.

Bienvenue à CPA Canada!

CPA Canada est l’organisation nationale établie pour soutenir l'unification de la profession comptable canadienne sous la bannière du titre de comptable professionnel agréé (CPA). CPA Canada fournit des services à toutes les organisations comptables de CPA, de CA, de CMA et de CGA qui se sont déjà unifiées ou qui sont engagées dans le processus d’unification.

Le nouveau site de CPA Canada est actuellement en développement et sera mis en ligne à l’automne 2014. Entre-temps, toutes nos ressources et tous nos services sont accessibles sur les sites d’origine de l’ICCA, de CMA Canada et de CGA-Canada, ou sur des microsites nouvellement créés afin de donner accès à du contenu spécifiquement CPA.