CPA Canada Tax Committees

CPA Canada has a strong voice in policy matters related to tax, regularly making contributions to debates on matters of national importance. Currently, the CPA Canada has seven tax committees devoted to the development of sound tax policies and administrative practices for Canadians and Canadian businesses. To explore getting involved with these Committees, contact Gabe Hayos, CPA Canada Vice President, Taxation.

CPA Canada Tax Policy Committee

This Committee identifies, raises and helps resolve tax policy and administration issues with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Department of Finance Canada, through both formal submissions and regular meetings with CRA and Finance officials. Committee members include the tax leaders of Canada’s largest accounting firms and representatives from industry, academia and small and medium-sized practitioners.

Joint Committee on Taxation of the CBA and CPA Canada

A long-standing collaboration of CPA Canada and the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), this Committee regularly offers input to Finance Canada on the technical aspects of new tax legislation. We also suggest improvements to simplify and improve current tax laws.

Commodity Tax Policy Committee

The CPA Canada Commodity Tax Committee gives Canada’s CPAs a voice in influencing indirect tax, customs and trade policy and administration in Canada. Composed of representatives from some of Canada’s larger accounting firms, the Committee aims to identify, raise and help resolve commodity tax issues with the CRA and Finance Canada.

Small & Medium Practitioner (SMP) Tax Committee

This committee acts as a resource to enable the CPA Canada to respond to the needs of CPAs who own or work in smaller firms by considering existing and proposed government activities in income and commodity taxation from the SMP’s point of view.

Industry Tax Committee

Comprised of senior tax executives from large Canadian businesses, this committee acts as a resource to ensure CPA Canada considers and supports the needs of tax practitioners in industry regarding on tax administration, tax policy, tax education, and tax accounting.

Tax Policy Subcommittee

This committee is composed of tax technical specialists from Canada’s largest professional services firms. Its members help shape CPA Canada’s recommendations on tax policy issues in response to government consultations or new developments.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) Tax Committee

The SRED Tax Committee advocates on behalf of CPAs for sound tax policy and administration related to Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) tax and other incentives.  Composed of SRED tax advisers from some of Canada’s larger accounting firms, the Committee aims to identify issues of interest related to the SRED program and related policies and provide an exchange platform with tax authorities and legislators both federally and provincially.




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