Computers in the UFE

Attention 2014 UFE candidates

All 2014 Uniform Evaluation (UFE) candidates will write the 2014 UFE on their own computers and submit their answers electronically.

You will be required to preload your laptop computer with software called Securexam.

About Securexam

Securexam is a special lockdown software program that disables most of your computer’s functionality and file access. It will ensure that, during the UFE, you will be able to use your computer for the following purposes only:

  • Reference: You will be able to search the CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection (UFE Version) and the Federal Income Tax Collection (UFE Version).
  • Keyed response: You will be able to use a word processor and electronic spreadsheet to input your responses, and submit them electronically for marking purposes.

Remember: Handwritten or typed planning notes will not be marked.

Practice software

Securexam software contains a practice version that can help you practise before the UFE. Using a word processor, a spreadsheet and searching through Securexam is different: some functionality is disabled and some keys will not work the way you expect. Using the practice version allows you to familiarize yourself with the changed functionality of the word processor, the spreadsheet and the permitted info bases in the Securexam environment.

You will not be able to access any other files or programs.

Performing the mandatory qualification exam test of the SECUREXAM software

You must test the software by performing a qualification exam and uploading the resulting files to Software Secure for confirmation. You will have to sign a waiver indicating that you have successfully performed this test on that computer and have received confirmation from Software Secure that the software is working properly.

Minimum hardware and software requirements

Securexam runs on PC-based computers only. No Apple will be supported, even if they run Windows.

To install Securexam, your laptop must meet these minimum hardware and software requirements:


  • Pentium IV processor or higher (or industry equivalent)
  • 384 MB of Ram
  • 40 MB of free hard drive space (required to run application)
  • a free USB port.

To use Securexam in the writing centre, you need a free USB port. You do not need a free USB port to practise with the software or to complete the mandatory qualification exam.


  • Microsoft Windows Operating System, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater 

To download the software, upload the qualification exam and receive emails from Software Secure, you also require Internet access.

User rights requirement

You must have administrator rights to install this software. User-level rights will allow you to use the software once it has been installed.

If your employer owns your computer, you must secure employer approval and/or assistance to install Securexam, in accordance with your employer’s policies.  

Additional Securexam Information

Technical support

Candidates using employer-supplied computers should contact their employer’s help desk first to ensure minimum hardware and software requirements have been met.

Candidates using their own computers or who have no access to an employer’s help desk should contact the profession’s help desks as follows:

  1. Contact Software Secure:  1-866-618-8851

    In order to better assist you in a more expedited manner, please click on the following link for Software Secure online customer support portal.

  2. If Software Secure does not solve your problem, contact your regional help desk:

  • CASB (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories) : 1-866-420-2350 (604-488-2638 in Vancouver) or log on to
  • Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador and Bermuda: Check the ICAO FAQ's: If this does not solve your problem call Jacqui Mulligan at 416-969-4296 or toll free at 1-800-387-0735 ext. 296, or email
  • Quebec:  call Marjolaine Beaudry, CPA, CA at 514 288.3256 or toll free at 1 800 363.4688 [2702] or email

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