CA skills and competencies

The Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification process is designed to make sure you have the opportunity to develop all the skills and abilities you will need to begin your career as a CA. The process is based on professional competency that includes a significant body of knowledge and the skills, values and attitudes needed to analyze, synthesize and apply that knowledge effectively.

You will have many opportunities to develop these competencies – during your university education, your subsequent professional education, your provincial and territorial institute/Ordre's/CASB’s professional education program, and while on the job as you fulfill your experience requirements.

  • The UFE Candidates' Competency MapUnderstanding the Professional Competencies Evaluated on the UFE –lays out the specific body of skills and knowledge you must acquire.

The CA competencies

CA competencies are the specific skills you must perform at a defined proficiency level and in a manner that reflects the professional ethics, skills, knowledge and attitudes of a CA. 

The UFE Candidates' Competency MapUnderstanding the Professional Competencies Evaluated on the UFE –presents two groups of competencies:

Pervasive qualities and skills

These skills include:

  • ethical behaviour and professionalism
  • personal attributes such as accountability, adaptability to change and the ability to self-manage, take initiative and add value
  • professional skills such as communication, problem solving and management

These are the "hows" of being a CA;  all CAs are expected to bring them to all their work.

Specific competencies

  • governance, strategy, and risk management
  • performance measurement and reporting
  • assurance
  • finance
  • management decision making
  • taxation

The UFE Candidates' Competency Map – Understanding the Professional Competencies Evaluated on the UFE – also clearly defines the level of proficiency in each of these competencies that you must acquire and demonstrate on the UFE.

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